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Centre of Registers and Information Systems (RIK)
It is an agency in the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Justice, with the purpose of establishing an innovative environment providing good integrated e-services for a more efficient implementation of state administration, legal and criminal policy.

Main fields of activities
The RIK develops and administrates registries and information systems of very high importance for the state and its citizens, for example the e-Business Register, the e-Notary system, the e-Land Register, the information system of courts, the Probation Supervision Register, the Prisoners Register, the Criminal Records Database, the e-File, the electronic State Gazette, etc.

We are a large IT-oriented state agency dealing with implementation and managing of large-scale and pioneering projects. We have long-term experience, know-how and skills of implementing major projects. Our team includes more than 240 professionals of various fields.

Values acknowledged in the RIK:

  • Professionalism – Valuing and developing high-level professional background and skills. Willingness to make mature, well-considered and informed decisions from the viewpoint of own job position;
  • Security – Our employees know to consider the standards of security in their everyday activities, and our clients are assured that cooperation with the RIK is not causing them any additional risks;
  • Long-term cooperation – As a public sector organisation in the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Justice, we have a guaranteed consistency and reliability to our activities as a registrar in the long-term future as well;
  • Orientation towards future – As an organisation in the field of information technology, we have a good practice of keeping up with the developments of the field and taking into account new trends, both in development work and in administration of solutions. This is supported by our organisational culture and by the facilitating of an ongoing professional development of our people;
  • Flexibility – Willingness to consider the needs of various parties in complex situations, by prioritising long-term and general targets over short-term options.

On the international scale, we are cooperating with IT-agencies and structures of various countries. Our cooperation within the EU is expanding continuously. Moreover, the solutions and developments established by the specialists of the RIK have caught the attention of several countries, both within and outside Europe.

Public recognition of the IT-solutions of the RIK:

  • First Place Winner for the 2015 United Nations Public Service Award - e-Business Register;
  • Special Mention at the 2014 Crystal Scales of Justice Awards - e-File;
  • World Summit Award 2013 (WSIS+10 Global Champion) - e-Annual Reporting was honored as decade’s best e-Government content;
  • Recognition of entrepreneurship facilitators 2011 – the e-Annual Report;
  • World Summit Award 2011 – the e-Annual Report;
  • The best Estonian e-service 2011 – the e-Annual Report;
  • European eGovernment Awards 2009 – II-place in the category of European common market;
  • European Business Awards 2009 – Ruban d’Honneur honourable mention;
  • European Enterprise Awards 2008;
  • e-inclusion nomination 2007;
  • Good Practice Label 2007.

Also we hold a world record according to the Universal Record Database. World Record was made by the fastest establishing of an enterprise via Internet, using the e-Business Register.