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The foundation Tallinn Business Incubators is a support structure for entrepreneurship, established by the City of Tallinn with the purpose of creating favourable starting conditions for new companies, reducing the risks of start-up businesses and increasing their competitiveness, by way of providing of support services and modern high-quality work environment.



The foundation Vaata Maailma (Look at World) was established in year 2001 with the view of increasing the number of Internet users and thus improving the quality of life of the residents of Estonia and the competitiveness of the country in Europe. The successful campaigns of the foundation thus far include the providing of free basic computer training for more than 100,000 people, implementing the eKool online information system for schools, and establishing nearly 500 public internet access points. Currently the foundation is active in the project Computer Security 2009, with the purpose of increasing the awareness of the people about computer and Internet security and facilitating the use of the ID card and the Mobile ID as the easiest means of personal protection in the Internet.



The purpose of the ICT Demo Centre is to promote cooperation in the field of product development, integration and common marketing of ICT solutions, in both public and private sectors. The ICT Demo Centre gathers together the solutions intended for both the state and the private sector, and shows how they can function together.