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Central procurements

The Centre of Registers and Information Systems (RIK) is the central contracting authority for acquiring office computers, monitors and printers for ministries, authorities in the jurisdiction thereof, and the Government Office.
As the central contracting authority, RIK organizes procurements in the name of state authorities in the scope determined by the Government of the Republic. 
The order regarding the appointment of RIK as the central contracting authority is available here.

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Contact person: Mariliis Kannukene

Joint and central procurements
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Authorities involved in central procurement are not entitled to procure products and services specified in the order of the Government of the Republic independently. For the involved authorities, central procurement means an obligation to acquire the specified products and services through procurements organized by the central contracting authority.
At that, the procurement organizer shall consider the needs of all contracting authorities.
RIK assembles the needs of contracting authorities and organizes central procurements for acquiring office computers, monitors and printers for approximately 160 different state authorities.

Central procurement creates an opportunity to acquire equipment at a discount for mainly smaller authorities. Thanks to large amounts, price discounts not available in case of small amounts are available for joint and central procurements. Products offered in RIK’s procurements are discounted by up to 30%.

In the survey conducted in October 2015 regarding satisfaction with RIK’s procurements, 87% of the respondents highlighted their wish to participate in procurements organized by RIK also in the future. The main sources of satisfaction are quality of conducting procurements, as well as decrease in the administrative burden of the respondent’s authority. The procurement process was found to be clear and comfortable for the contracting authorities.

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