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Annual report

The e-reporting environment of the Company Registration Portal is a solution established for electronic submitting of annual reports; its use requires logging in with the Smart-ID, ID card or mobile ID.
The reporting environment allows preparing the main reports and the notes, adding notes and documents, digitally signing the annual report or printing and signing it on paper, and also allows the sworn auditor to prepare the sworn auditor’s conclusion and to certify it electronically.

Access for electronic submitting of annual reports and its notes is allowed for the following persons: Board Members, general partners, limited partners with the right of representation, subsidiary managers, liquidators and bankruptcy trustees. At the same time, a person with the right of representation may grant e.g. the accountant(s) the right to enter and submit a report. The accountant can enter the data, keep an eye on the signing of the annual report, and observe when the auditor signs the auditors’ report. After all necessary actions are completed, the accountant being granted the right to submit the annual report can submit the report to the registry. A Board Member can add the sworn auditor before preparing the report, so that the sworn auditor can observe the entry of data, or during the preparing of the report or only after all persons with the right of representation have signed the report.