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The Centre of Registers and Information Systems issues the response to the query within two (2) business days*. If you want to receive the response to your query by regular mail, you need to take into account the delivery time of the letter to be added by Eesti Post AS (Omniva) (from a few days to two (2) weeks).

The notice from the database is issued as follows: 

  • As a digitally signed file (PDF), which is sent to the email address indicated in the application. To open the document, you only need to have the ID-card software, which can be downloaded HERE.
  • On paper with a signature and a seal. The document is sent to the address indicated in the application by regular mail.

The Criminal Records Database issues the notices from the database only in Estonian. If necessary, please contact a sworn translator. More information about the apostille formality of the query of the Criminal Records Database is available of the website of the Chamber of Notaries.