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e-Business Register

The e-Business Register is one of the first services of the Estonian Centre of Registers and Information Systems, being the basis for developing the Company Registration Portal and the Visualised Business Register.
The e-Business Register is a service based on the database of the registry departments of county courts and displaying the real-time data of all legal persons registered in Estonia. You can view the data related to you free-of-charge by logging in with your ID-card.

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Client support: +372 680 3160, [email protected]


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Log into the e-Business Register

    1. Registration department
    2. EMTAK information system
    3. Commercial Code
    4. Name query
    5. Political factions
    6. Business prohibitions
    7. Help

    The e-Business Registry allows:

    • FREE-OF-CHARGE Company’s data
    • Making queries by name, Business Registry code, location, field of activities, etc.
    • Viewing annual reports, statutes, personal and commercial pledge data, etc.
    • Real-time monitoring of processing data and record amendments of companies.
    • Verifying of business and entrepreneurship prohibitions of Estonian persons.
    • Visualise relations between various companies and persons.

    Contractual customers can visualize all data of the e-Business Register. Visualization shows the relations between legal persons as an image. 

    • Current and former relations between companies.
    • Persons in records, persons outside records and owners.
    • Direct link to the European Business Register, e-Land Register and Official Announcements.

    In order to use the Visualised Business Register, a subscription agreement has to be entered into. Existing customers can use the service after logging into the e-Business Register by selecting “Visualize” from the menu.