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Visualization Tool

In the e-Business Register, a contractual client can visualise all the interrelationships between every enterprise. The service enables a company’s background to be investigated through valid and invalid relations, which in turn indicate earlier ownership relationships. This makes it possible to make inquiries concerning the persons related to companies. The results of the inquiries are displayed as a diagram. Visit the demo environment of the Visualized Business Register.

  • The visualisation tool provides an overview of the interrelationships between legal and natural persons registered in the business register (management board members, supervisory board members, owners, etc.).
  • The service originally meant to help discover money-laundering schemes is now available to every contractual client of the e-Business Register. 
  • It is possible to investigate an enterprise’s background through existing and past links, which also bring out previous ownership relations. 
  • As a good tool for background research, the visualisation tool also contains direct links to Official Notes, the e-Land Register, and the European Business Register.
  • The connections between enterprises are also visible via different options with e-Business Register searches, but visualisation helps to do it a lot faster and more comprehensively, displaying all the relationships on a single image. 
  • The service charges for the visualisation also include examining the same enterprise’s detailed data (within 24 hours)*. 

In order to use the Visualised Business Register, a subscription agreement has to be entered into. 
After that Your administrator user must activate the Visualised Business Register service from the e-Business Register menu ("My account").