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Contract info

By concluding the contract for using the e-Business Register inquiry system you can also use the inquiry system of the e-Land register, European Business Register, XML services and XML service of Official Notices at the same time (exept when signing a contract for using only Requisites XML services). The application for concluding the contract should be forwarded through on-line system. After filling in the application, RIK will send the contract for signing digitally or on paper form.

The service fee is comprised of the monthly subscription fee of 9.58 euros per each month of the subscription in advance, only if e-Land Register services are also used. The fee is supplemented by any chargeable query fees (EBR services, NGO public file documents, e-Land Registry services) and value added tax. There will be no subscription fee for contractual partners starting from 1st of January 2023.
More information: +372 680 3160, [email protected]