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Service fee rates

NB! As of October 1st 2022 the use of Estonian e-Business Register is free of charge
Fees will apply only to the following services:

 Public file document of NGOs 2 €

Subscription agreement, only if contract enables the use of e-Land Register services

There will be no subscription fee for contractual partners starting from 1st of January 2023


Price List valid until 1. October 2022:

 General information  1 €
 Commercial pledge information 1 €
 General and personnel information  2 €
 History of registry card information  2 €
 Reporting data  2 €
 Annual report document  2 €
 Articles of Association  2 €
 Business file document 2 €
Beneficial Owner  1 €

Prices of other e-Business Register services:

Visualised Business Register
The price includes the General and Personal data of the company on e-Business Register  within 24 hours.

2 €/clique + VAT

Record from reporting data 
Report data corresponding to one taxonomy element

0,08€/pcs + VAT
Data processing fee* 
Data processing minimum fee is 6,25€, which includes 15 minutes of data processing.
25 €/h + VAT
Subscription agreement 9,58 € + VAT/ per each starting month
Audit data from the annual report  0,31 €/company + VAT
Fields of activity  0,25 €/company + VAT

*Data processing fees are not applied to:

  • The authority of the State;
  • The Court of Justice;
  • Bailiff;
  • The municipal government;
  • Legal research and development institution governed by public for statutory public task;
  • Local Government Associations to perform the tasks specified in the Local Government Organisation Act §61
    subsection 1;
  • Regional Development Centres mentioned in the 09.03.2015  regulation no 20 „Starditoetus“ of the Minister of Foreign Trade and Entrepreneurship.

* In order to use the XML service, an agreement must be entered into with RIK.

The prices and services are prescribed with Regulation No. 55 of the Minister of Justice from 30.11.1998 and with director's directive of Centre of Registers and Information Systems.