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For ordinary users

Application for quick processing of a payment order can be submitted regarding an order to pay a certain amount resulting from a private law relationship (debt claim) and regarding a claim of alimony for a minor child.

Information about state fees
The state fee has to be paid to the bank account of the Ministry of Finances in one of the following banks: Swedbank (account No. EE062200221059223099), SEB Pank (account No. EE571010220229377229) or Nordei Bank AB Estonia (account No. EE221700017003510302). 

Objections submitted to quick processing of payment orders must be on a document template prescribed with the regulation of the Minister of Justice. Objections can be submitted on paper or in a digitally signed form via e-mail.

To get more information about this service and its usage conditions, please turn to the user support for the e-File system: