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Regular users can use e-File to see the procedures concerning them, follow their progress, and view and submit documents related to the procedure.

Several operations can be carried out in e-File. Users can initiate civil and administrative proceedings and search for pending civil, administrative, criminal, and misdemeanour documents related to them. It is also possible to submit applications for expedited procedure of payment order, applications related to proceedings, documents, and complaints. Users can send queries to the Criminal Records Database and get information about their own or other people’s punishments.

In the expedited procedure of payment order, an application can be submitted both in the claim for payment of a certain amount of money arising from a private legal relationship (debt claim) and in the claim for maintenance for a minor child. The procedure takes place without a hearing. In case of a debt claim, the court makes a payment proposal to the debtor to pay the alleged debt. If the debtor does not accept it, they have the right to submit an objection.

State fee information

The state fee is payable to the account of the Ministry of Finance via one (1) of the following banks: 

  • SEB Pank – current account EE571010220229377229 (SWIFT: EEUHEE2X)
  • Swedbank – current account EE062200221059223099 (SWIFT: HABAEE2X)
  • Luminor Bank – current account EE221700017003510302 (SWIFT: RIKOEE22)
  • LHV Pank – current account EE567700771003819792 (BIC/SWIFT: LHVBEE22)

A unique reference number obtained from the court or from a public e-file should be used to pay the state fees.


In the expedited procedure of payment order, the statement of objection will be lodged on a standard form established by a regulation of the Minister of Justice. This can be done either on paper or by digitally signed email. Objection forms 

For more detailed information on the service and the terms and conditions for using it, please contact the e-File helpdesk at [email protected].