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About the service

RIK has created an automated accounting software that simplifies book-keeping for SMEs.

e-Financials contains five parts:

  • Settlements module – central module in the complete e-Financials system.
    This module enables to create and manage purchase and sales invoices, receipts/payments, netting, payment orders, data banks of customers/suppliers and goods/services. e-Financials is also paired with different e-invoice environments.
  • Accounting module – one of the main modules in the software. Similarly to all known accounting software packages, the double recording principle applies here as well. In the accounting module, you can execute transfers, keep a logbook and a general ledger, check balances and calculate fixed assets.
  • Reporting module – enables to draft and submit declarations and annual reports. 
    Via the e-Financials, it is possible to submit TSD and KMD declaration forms  to the Tax and Customs Board. In addition, the software helps to generate the Main Report of accounting and annual reports (xbrl) that you can forward directly to the reporting environment.
  • Personnel module – enables to manage everything related to employees. 
    Via submodules it is possible to manage the authorizations of software users, staff, holidays, and calculate payments.
  • Settings module – settings related to your e-Financials account and main details of the company.
    It includes general settings, setting up the chart of accounts and an opening balance sheet, VAT registration, locked passwords and contract details.