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e-Land Register

The e-Land Register is a convenient accessible service which allows quick and easy verification of general data, size, owners, restrictions and encumbering mortgages of immovable properties. 
If you need data of immovable properties only infrequently, then you can make individual queries in the portal without entering into an agreement. In order to receive or verify large amounts of data on a daily basis, you can register as a customer of the e-Land Register.

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Client support: + 372 680 3160, [email protected]

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  1. Land Registry department
  2. Immovables Portal
  3. Land Board
  4. Registry of Constructions
  5. European Land Registry Association
  6. Land Register Act

Citizen login allows free-of-charge viewing of land registry documents, authorising another person to view documents, ordering the digitisation service, and paid viewing of land property data. In order to use the service, you need to authenticate yourself with an ID card or via online banking.
Contractual customers of the e-Land Registry are companies and agencies which need larger amounts of reliable data about immovable properties on a daily basis. All data issued by the e-Land Registry have legal force.