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Extract of an apartment association

From 1 January 2018, members of an apartment association board can download lists of data of apartment owners related to the association free of charge in the new e-Land Register information system

  • To obtain the data, a member of an apartment association board or an administrator of the apartment association (a member of the board of an administrator that is a legal person) has to firstly log in to the new e-Land Register as a citizen.
  • Next, they must search for the desired registered immovable by address or cadastral code.
  • After search results have been displayed, it is possible to access the register data of every registered immovable separately or to download an extract of owners in csv-format (by clicking on the “Save” link).

An extract of owners can be downloaded free of charge by members of an apartment association board or the administrator of the apartment association (members of the board if the administrator is a legal person) who have been added onto the registry card of the apartment association.

All owners of registered immovables are also able to access the data of their registered immovables free of charge on the e-Land Register website. For this, one has to select “Related registered immovables” from the new e-Land Register menu and then log in as a citizen. An owner of a registered immovable who has logged in as a citizen can, in addition to the data of their own registered immovable, also access the register information of other apartment ownerships in the same apartment association free of charge, for which they must use the regular search function.

Reception offices of court registers were closed as of 1 July 2017. Therefore, it is no longer possible to access or get printouts of court register data or files at land registry or registration departments (read more).