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Single query
Citizen login allows free-of-charge viewing of land registry documents, authorising others to view the documents, ordering the digitisation service, and paid viewing of immovable property data (single query via online banking). In order to use this service, you need to authenticate yourself with the ID card or via online banking. Detailed data of registry parts opened about the immovable property is available according to the current price list for the service. Make a single query

Contractual queries
Contractual customers of the e-Land Registry are companies and agencies which need larger amounts of reliable data about immovable properties on a daily basis. All data issued by the e-Land Registry have legal force.  
Contractual users have access to the e-Land Registry and also to the e-Business Registry, the European Business Registry and the Visualised Business Registry. In order to use the service, you need to log into the e-Land Registry with a username and password or with the ID card.

Written query
You can also send written queries to us, if you wish to view data about a specific region, sizes, owners, etc.; the data will be issued as a table or a file. In order to receive such data, please  send the query to the address of [email protected]. Written queries will be replied with information about the price within five business days.