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Service fee rates

Data stored in the e-Land Register


Application data


Record of division I

1 €

Record of division II

1 €

Records of divisions III and IV

1 €

Entire Registry Part

3 €

Data stored in the e-Land Register

Prices of other e-Land Register services:

Data processing fee* 
Data processing minimum fee is 6,25€, which includes 15 minutes of data processing.
25 €/h + VAT
Subscription agreement 9,58 €/ per each starting month + VAT
Person’s immovable properties (XML service) 1 €/query

*Data processing fees are not applied to:

  • The authority of the State;
  • The Court of Justice;
  • Bailiff;
  • The municipal government;
  • Legal research and development institution governed by public for statutory public task.

Contractual customers need to pay a subscription fee of 9.58 € per each month( + value added tax) of the subscription in advance. The subscription fee includes the use of the e-Land Register, the e-Business Register, the Visualised Business Register and the European Business Register.
The prices and services are prescribed with Regulation No. 8 of the Minister of Justice from 22.01.2001 and with director’s directive of Centre of Registers and Information Systems.