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European Business Register

The European Business Register (EBR) is an additional service of the e-Business Register, mediating official information about European companys. The quality of the data being forwarded via Internet is guaranteed by the official registry agencies of the member states. 

In order to use the EBR query system, you can sign an agreement with us and pay for queries once per month, or you can register as an ordinary user and pay for each query separately, using online banking. Data of European companies can also be ordered via e-mail, by sending the relevant order to the e-mail address of the information service of RIK. In case of written queries, payment can be made on the basis of an invoice.

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Info service: +372 680 3160, [email protected]

Log into European Business Register 
Register as an ordinary user

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  2. Tax and Customs Board
  3. EMTAK information system


Possibilities for ordinary users:

  • All queries to the European Business Register available similarly to a contractual user.
  • No monthly subscription fee, pay only for queries made.

More about querying for data:

  • You can search the registry by a company or by a related natural person.
  • Data is issued as lists of records conforming to the query conditions and as separate reports by the company.
  • The query system has three types of reports: company data, persons related to the company and companies related to the person.
  • The number of results for search by company and search by person depends on the business registry of the specific country. 
  • Depending on the registry, up to 100 first results are displayed and the rest are not issued or each subsequent page of results is issued for a fee.