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Immovables Portal

The Immovables Portal is an environment which allows preparing and submitting property registration applications and monitoring real-time information about the status of proceedings of the submitted applications. The Immovables Portal can be used by everyone by logging in with the ID card or the Mobile ID.

In addition to property registration applications, the users of the portal can also prepare and submit challenges to record entry orders made, grant consents necessary for entering records into the Land Register, and authorise other persons to submit property registration applications.

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  1. e-Business Register
  2. e-Land Register
  3. Land Board
  4. State Fees Act

The portal is intended for:

  • Citizens;
  • Companies, banks, advocates;
  • Employees of state agencies;
  • Employees local governments;
  • Bailiffs, bankruptcy trustees, etc.

The option of electronic communication with the Land register can be used by everyone who needs to submit a property registration application and is not required to enclose a notarised disposal order to the property registration application. In the latter case, the notary has to prepare the property registration application and to submit it to the Land Register department.

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