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Awards and Honours

Our innovative IT solutions have received numerous awards and international public recognition.

Awards and Honours

  • World record in establishing a company online in 15 minutes
  • First Place Winner for the 2015 United Nations Public Service Award - e-Business Register;
  • Special Mention at the 2014 Crystal Scales of Justice Awards - e-File;
  • World Summit Award 2013 (WSIS+10 Global Champion) - e-Annual Reporting was honored as decade’s best e-Government content;
  • Recognition of entrepreneurship facilitators 2011 – the e-Annual Report;
  • World Summit Award 2011 – the e-Annual Report;
  • The best Estonian e-service 2011 – the e-Annual Report;
  • European eGovernment Awards 2009 – II-place in the category of European common market;
  • European Business Awards 2009 – Ruban d’Honneur honourable mention;
  • European Enterprise Awards 2008;
  • Good Practice Label 2007;
  • e-inclusion nomination 2007.

Since 2009, Estonia also holds a world record for the fastest online company registration. The company was established via the Company Registration Portal of the e-Business Register in 18 minutes and 3 seconds.