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Additional options in the new e-Business Register

15. September 2021 - 17:26
Uudist illustreeriv foto: puzzletükid, millest moodustub kokku Eesti kaart

The new e-Business Register portal includes some additional possibilities for accessing data, in order to consolidate business information into one view for the user.

While, in general, the biggest update of the last decade was aimed at improving the user-friendliness of the register's communication environment, the new e-Business Register also contains additional data blocks. The new data that have been added, which can be accessed by looking at the information of entrepreneurs in the e-Business register, mainly come from other databases, for example: Tax and Customs Board, Register of Economic Activities, Official Announcements.

A more detailed overview of added possibilities in the new e-Business Register:

  • in addition to tax debt information, the new portal now also displays other tax information, such as: taxes paid, taxable turnover, number of employees;
  • in addition to the fields of activity, information on activity licenses and economic activity notices can also be viewed in the same environment, which are located in many different registers, including: the State Agency of Medicines activity license register, health care activity license register, farm animal register, Estonian Education Information System, etc .;
  • notices relating to a legal person from the national electronic publication Official Announcements;
  • the portal also contains references to real estate owned by a legal person that is entered in the Land Register;
  • the activities of entrepreneurs can be inspected free of charge;
  • when registering a new company, it is possible to use a tool for comparing legal forms to select a suitable type of business;
  • in addition, the previously purchased data can be viewed in the new e-Business Register within six months.

In addition to register data, the e-Business Register continues to compile other data disclosed by legal persons:

  • From the Nasdaq;
  • the actual beneficiaries;
  • information of the data protection officer;
  • information on receiving e-invoices, etc.

The portal also provides access to business and entrepreneurship bans, lists of party members, queries to the European Business Register and uses a visualization tool to visualize related parties.

The ease of use and architectural innovations of the portal were realized thanks to the support of the European Regional Development Fund.