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e-Business Register started issuing English-language registry cards

25. January 2012 - 0:00

Since the beginning of January, the e-Business Register allows viewing and printing registry cards (B-cards) translated into the English language. This allows companies to save both time and money that used to be spent on translating and certifying a printout.

According to Minister of Justice Kristen Michal, the development of the e-Business Register to provide registry cards in the English language is another step towards improving the business environment of Estonia. “The business environment is becoming more and more globalised and Estonia as a country wishes to support its companies in their communication with foreign markets. This addition is just one small step on that road,” the Minister added.

According to Mehis Sihvart, Director of the Centre of Registers and Information Systems, the new functionality allows companies to get a translated copy of their registry card significantly faster, to be sent abroad – to foreign agencies, business partners and potential investors. “Until now, getting a registry card in the English language has always entailed enlisting the services of a sworn translator, thus spending additional time and money,” Sihvart explained.

The registry card of the company is translated into the English language automatically by the environment itself, thus there are situations where the B-card can include untranslated text parts (e.g. texts pertaining to mergers, divisions or specifics of the right of representation), and those will continue being displayed in the Estonian language. If the English-language registry card includes untranslated text lines, then the environment notifies the user about it by displaying a warning in the heading of the registry card upon opening the card, and presenting a recommendation to turn to a sworn translator.
It is possible to get the B-part and the A-part of the registry card, and also the registry cards of non-profit associations and foundations in the English language from the e-Business Registry environment. Also, foreigners can view English-language registry cards directly via the Business Registry’s information system.
In addition to a printout of the valid registry card data, the e-Business Register also allows viewing a printout of the history of registry card data in the English language.
The information system of e-Business Registry is administrated by the Centre of Registers and Information Systems, being a service based on the database of registry departments of county courts and consisting of the digital data of the Business Register, the Non-Profit Associations and Foundations Register, and the Commercial Pledge Register. The information system of e-Business Register allows making queries about valid/invalid data of legal persons. The data of the information system of e-Business Register is owned and certified by the registry departments of county courts. The e-Business Register is located at the address of