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e-Estonia strikes again

27. February 2013 - 16:39

Estonian e-Annual Reporting was honored as decade’s best e-Government content during the United Nations World Summit at the Information Society +10 event at UNESCO headquarters in Paris.

Mr. Mehis Sihvart, Director of Centre of Registers and Information Systems, said, “It is certainly one of the most successful e-reporting projects in the world and its success is based primarily on the open-mindedness of the users, the widespread use of the Internet, and the innovation of the IT experts.”

On a special gala night the World Summit Award (WSA) were presented to honor the last decade’s most outstanding e-Content developers. As a follow-up initiative of the WSIS process, the WSA has been recognizing the world’s best content developers on a biennial basis since 2003. The eight WSA Global Champions, to be honored in Paris, were selected by a panel of international experts from among the 200 products that have won the WSA within the last 10 years.

According to Peter A. Bruck, the initiator of the WSA, the eight selected products prove the important role played by e-Content for an inclusive knowledge society: “With six billion mobile connections all around the globe, the means of communication and information have ceased to be scarce and the talk about information society is about the present, not the future. In 2013 the challenge is what these means are to be used for: Smart technology or smart people? The products honored clearly show quality content’s potential to foster a global knowledge society.”

Every two years the Estonian Information System’s Authority (RIA) organizes an Estonian e-services competition. E-Annual Reporting won this competition in 2011. This year, the competition will already be held for the fifth time and will be launched on the 4th of March. There are seven categories and all kinds of initiatives are welcome.

e-Annual Reporting enables Estonian entrepreneurs to submit annual reports in XBRL format via the e-reporting environment of the e-Business Registry Company Registration Portal. This uniform e-reporting environment makes entering and submitting data much more convenient for companies, as there is a specific place, form and means of submitting all the required data. In addition to submitting their annual reports, companies can also use the new environment to prepare their annual reports in full.