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The RIK offers free software to enhance the creation of new e-solutions

11. January 2013 - 13:42

The Centre of Registers and Information Systems has completed software that helps IT businesses create e-solutions to make people's lives more comfortable with less hassle than earlier. The programme is called X-Road generator and it is meant for developers to introduce X-Road services in their information systems more easily and rapidly.
According to Mehis Sihvart, Director of the Centre of Registers and Information Systems, the Centre favours projects with an open code, which make it possible for everyone to use and develop solutions already paid for with the taxpayers' money without additional expenditure. "Today, we are happy to introduce a tool meant for the developers of information systems using X-Road services, which simplifies the introduction of new services as it reduces the amount of time and money needed," Sihvart said.

X-Road generator created by the Centre of Registers and Information Systems (RIK) is meant for software developers who work on information systems that use or provide X-Road services. X-Road generator is free for all and has been created to facilitate interfacing with X-Road projects on .NET platform.
The principle of the programme is very simple, and there is already a number of e-services in use in Estonia, which gather, transfer, process, or store data. The amount of existing data is huge, and through combination of various data, new services can be created. The software reduces the workload of a developer by generating the majority of components necessary for communicating with the service. As a result, X-Road services can be introduced more easily and rapidly.
The Centre of Registers and Information Systems has used X-Road generator for some time already in such projects as the Public E-File, Courts Information System, Urgent Order for Payment procedural system, State Legal Aid Information System, and Criminal Proceedings Register; additionally, the generator is used by our contractual partners in two projects: Register of Detainees and.
X-Road generator as well as examples of codes and configurations have been made available on the web page of the RIK.