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From today, a translation tool can be used in the e-Business Register and e-Land Register

29. October 2021 - 16:54

The Center of Registers and Information Systems introduced an automatic data translation tool in the web environments of the e-Business Register and e-Land Register on the 29th of October 2021. The tool helps the user to translate on-screen registry data into English in real time.

The new machine translation solution simplifies the understanding of registry data for non-Estonian speaking citizens. The tool helps the user of the e-Land Register to understand detailed data, such as easements and mortgages, and the content of court rulings in the e-Business Register.

It is a tool based on neural networks. Machine translation creates links from a large database, which improves itself over time, refining vocabulary and thus improving translation quality. However, the official language of the register is Estonian, which is why the translated text is informative and has no legal significance.

The machine translation tool was developed in cooperation between Estonia, Latvia and Belgium within the framework of the project for the creation of middleware adapting European machine translation, which was developed by the Latvian cooperation partner TILDE SIA.