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Visualized Business Register has more options

21. May 2012 - 0:00

The Visualized Business Register is an additional service of the e-Business Register, providing the best overview of relations between companies and persons. The Visualized Business Register allows making queries about persons related to companies and displays the results as an image.

In addition to searching for a legal person and visualising its relations, the e-Business Register data can now be visualised for a natural person as well. There is also a new option of free-of-charge viewing of registry card data, i.e. the B-card data.

The possibility of viewing information from various sources simultaneously has made the Visualised Business Register an especially effective instrument. The options of making queries directly to the e-Land Register or the Official Announcements are now supplemented by the option of verifying the data of the European Business Register. This allows online reviewing of company data in case of foreign holdings.

The service of Visualized Business Register allows researching the background of all Estonian companies by looking at both existing and former relations. Former relations, i.e. history can be used for determining the former owners and Board Members and their current relations with other companies.
Moreover, visualization will soon allow free-of-charge viewing of the information about tax arrears of companies and about business prohibitions if such exist or have existed.

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