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Official Announcements

The Official Announcements is an electronic journal that publishes all notices, invitations and announcements prescribed by the legislation. The Official Announcements is administrated by the Estonian Centre of Registers and Information Systems (RIK). The website of the Official Announcements is freely accessible to everyone and new announcements are published there on every business day, as they are issued. Since 1 July 2003, the Official Announcements is published only electronically.

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Please contact the helpdesk for informative and
substantial issues regarding the Official Announcements:
e-mail: [email protected]


Official Announcements website

  1. Statute
  2. Personal Data Protection Act


Announcements can be issued:

  • Electronically via the website;
  • From other information systems via the X-road system.

Both private persons and agencies can issue official announcements. The person issuing the announcement is liable for its contents. Announcements can be read and issued only in Estonian. 

In April 2015, a new information system for Official Announcements was introduced. Compared to the earlier procedure, application for right of representation is performed via the system. Applying for right of representation by e-mail is no longer available. In order to simplify the publication of announcements, the new information system includes relevant templates. There is also an option to attach documents to be published together with the announcement.
A function was created that enables regular users to order notifications on published announcements based on various parameters.

More information on various options is available in the information system of Official Announcements and under instructions (in Estonian).