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XML service

This service allows viewing and downloading (into own database) information from the Official Announcements (service is available until 03.04.2015).
The search results are displayed for a single search day. In order to get results for multiple days, the query must be sent separately for each day and fees are accounted for each query. If a query is repeated with the same parameters during the same day, then it is considered a single query in fee accounting and its price will not be requested twice.

In order to use the service, a subscription agreement has to be entered into with the Centre of Registers and Information Systems, together with an appendix to the agreement, regulating the use of the XML service of the Official Announcements. The subscription agreement requires a subscription fee of 9.58 € euros per each month of the subscription in advance. The subscription fee includes the use of the e-Land Register, the e-Business Register, the European Business Register and the use of computer data of the Official Announcements.
If you are already a contractual customer of the Centre of Registers and Information Systems, then you can enter into a subscription agreement by sending a relevant e-mail to the address of, stating your signatory for the agreement (name and position).


PRICE (VAT will be added)


XML service, keyword query*

0.13 €/ query

Keyword, announcement type, date

XML service, announcement type query*

0.76 €/ query

Announcement type, date