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Open data

Open data means data in machine-readable format, which have been made available to everyone for free and public use.
By using open data, you agree to the licence conditions of Creative Commons 3.0 BY-SA.

Information system Description of open data Format Updating frequency Link
Official Announcements Official announcements that have not been published for delivery to a natural addressee, or the publication of which has not been terminated. XML, RTF, TXT Downloadable in URIs in real time
Estonian Classification of Economic Activities (EMTAK) EMTAK field of activity codes, names and explanations, and information regarding special requirements XML, ODF, CSV Downloadable in real time
Commercial Register Public, free-of-charge data of the Commercial Register [name of entrepreneur (company), registry code, VAT number, status, address, link to entrepreneur’s data] XML, CSV Once a day
Land Register Public, free-of-charge open data of the Land Register XML Once a week
Ship Register All open data in the Ship Register XML Once a month 
State Gazette     Legal acts XML Once a week
Databases of the Patent Office Open data of the Patent Office MySQL Once a month
The Court Desisions Database (KOLA) The Court Desisions metadata which has been bublished before 2006 xlsx

We will publish the latest version of open data according to the updating frequency.
The official portal for the open data of the Republic of Estonia is