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Marital Property Register

The Marital Property Register contains data on the proprietary relations chosen by the spouses and on concluded marital property contracts. The Marital Property Register is maintained by the land registry departments of county courts.
An entry is made in the Marital Property Register on a selected proprietary relation, or a registry card is opened on the spouses, if they have chosen separate property or a set-off of property accretion, or if they have concluded a marital property contract.
Entries in the Marital Property Register or the lack thereof can be used as a basis if there is no knowledge of the conclusion of a marital property contract.

Anyone can look up their marital property registry card for free in the Marital Property Register Inquiry System or land registry department, copies may also be ordered by mail. The land registry department also keeps land registry files, which contain marital property contracts and other documents. A registry file can be viewed with the approval of the person entered into the register or in case of justified interest.
The Marital Property Register is maintained electronically, which means that electronic registry cards with a notation of authenticity have legal effect.
On 1 January 2013, land registry departments started to rewrite paper registry cards. In case you would like to view a registry card that has not been rewritten yet, please turn to the respective land registry department – see the contact information.