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X-Road generator

X-Road generator created by the Centre of Registers and Information Systems is meant for software developers who work on information systems that use X-Road services. The solution has been developed to simplify interfacing with X-Road projects on .NET platform and is available to everyone free of charge.
X-Road generator allows to generate a list of data objects used on the basis of a list of services (wsdl) offered by any information system providing X-Road services of the public or private sector, thus making the use of those services notably easier as the developer does not have to try to make sense of the list of services and all the information needed in his work is in a readily usable form.

Examples of codes and configurations

       DOWNLOAD  X-Road generator (.rar)

The use of X-Road generator definitely helps save time. Time can be saved both when X-Road services are introduced for the first time as well as during later use, when changes are made in provided services, which have to be taken into account in the user information system.
The created solution also helps promote the development of the Estonian information society as it facilitates the application of X-Road services offered by the public sector in the private sector and simplifies the creation of X-Road services offered by the private sector.