The Criminal Records Database is a national database, which forms part of the information system of the e-File. The database contains information about punishments imposed on persons for misdemeanours and criminal offences.

There are two (2) options to view the data entered in the Criminal Records Database:

Query of the Criminal Records Database from the e-File: 

All people can independently make inquiries about themselves or other persons in the public information system of the e-File.

  • Data about oneself and associated minor or legal person can be requested indefinitely and free of charge. The same applies if the query about another person is made on the basis of an authorisation given through the e-File.
  • An unauthorised query about another person is a paid service (EUR 4), and it should be settled in the course of making a query through the bank link available in the e-File system.

An extract from the e-File is intended solely for access to criminal records, and it is not possible to obtain an official document through the same environment.

Applying for a digitally signed or paper notice from the database: 

If you are required to submit an official document to a third party about your punishment records or absence thereof, it is possible to apply for a signed notice from the database. To this end, it is necessary to send a completed application to the Criminal Records Database either by email ([email protected]) or on paper to the following address: Lubja 4, 19081 Tallinn.
In case of a paid query, we kindly ask you to add a copy of the document certifying the payment of state fee to the application.

The application should be signed on paper or digitally (the requirement arises from clause 15 (2) 6) of the Criminal Records Database Act). It is not possible to process applications that are not signed.

    Application forms:

There is no reception at the Centre of Registers and Information Systems, and the applications are not accepted there.