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Official Announcements

The Official Announcements (Ametlikud Teadaanded) of the Republic of Estonia is the official website and database of the Republic of Estonia, published by the Ministry of Justice. The service is developed and managed by the Centre of Registers and Information Systems, the IT authority of the same ministry.

The Official Announcements publish announcements that are required to be published by law.

Announcements are published mainly for two purposes:

  • to inform the general public or interested parties;
  • to serve information on a specific person, unless this can be done by other means.

Announcements can be made by either a private person or an institution. The content of the announcement is the responsibility of the person making it.

The website of the Official Announcements is accessible to everyone free of charge and new announcements are published every working day according to their submission. The e-service allows you to order notifications to your email about the publication of announcements and also to see who has read the archived announcements related to you.

The announcements published on the website of the Official Announcements have legal significance.