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In the e-Business Register Portal, you can access the data of legal entities by searching for a specific entrepreneur by name or registry code, using a more detailed search, checking the business name, downloading opening statements, etc. before registering a new company. However, in addition to what is reflected in the portal, if necessary, written requests can also be submitted to RIK for additional and more specific data groups.

Access to data of legal persons

Name query

With a name query from the e-Business Register, it is possible to check the suitability of the name before registering a new legal entity. The response to the name query shall indicate: the same or similar names that have already been entered in the register; the same or similar names that are currently being processed and the trademarks contained in the name (registered in Estonia).

Data visualization

The Visualization Tool can be used to visualize the relationships between all legal and natural persons. It is possible to view the background through both valid and invalid relationships, which also helps to highlight previous ownership.
As an excellent background research tool, the visualization option also includes links to the Official Announcements, the e-Land Register, and the European Business Register.
Originally created to detect money laundering schemes, the application is part of the e-Business Register and is now publicly available to everyone.

Statistical queries

The e-Business Register Portal allows you to view the aggregated statistics of all legal entities registered in Estonia. In detail, for example: how many legal entities were registered or deleted, bankruptcy procedures registered, number of employees in the companies, most popular fields of activity of companies, statistics on the filing of annual accounts, etc.
Statistical queries can be made by year or by month. For the latter, you must select the detailed statistics view on the statistics page.

Open data

The e-Business Register has an open data download environment for larger volumes of registry data to be used digitally or in a machine-readable format. 

Public data of companies, non-profit associations, foundations and state and local government institutions can be downloaded in a machine-readable format (JSON and XML). In addition, for certain datasets, some of the data are available in the form of CSV files, such as simple data and annual report files.

You can also use API, or the XML services, the use of which requires the conclusion of a contract with RIK.