e-Financials is a simple and convenient web-based accounting software that assists companies to manage their book-keeping themselves. The software is located in the e-Business Register portal and both entrepreneurs and authorized persons (e.g. accountants) can use it.

e-Financials was originally created considering the needs of small businesses, but has since been adapted and used for non-profit organizations and foundations as well.

The software consists of five main parts: settlements, accounting, reporting, personnel, and settings module.

  • All businesses and non-profit organizations can send e-invoices to public sector institutions free of charge, in unlimited quantities and without a time limit.
  • In addition, e-Financials offers a central e-invoice operator service for economic software (more information at the end of the page).
  • More than 30 thousand users already use e-Financials today.
Feedback from users
  • The online solution is the best option for a small-sized company, if book-keeping needs to be managed from different locations.
  • Downing client/supplier data and uploading declarations is easy.
  • In case of a small company, it is relatively simple to organize bookkeeping on the e-Financials.
  • The favourable price is an advantage. 
  • The functions could include information bubbles for beginners.
  • Comfortable, fast, works without hick-ups. 
  • Everything that a small-sized company may need is available in one place.
  • Everything is clear and it the annual report generated in the program is essential for a start-up.
  • A fairly compact and comfortable program.
  • More information and instructions could be useful.
  • The experience has been good, so I would recommend it. It is not yet perfect, so I would rather not yet give it the highest mark.
  • Everything can be found if you act calmly.
  • User instructions are clear and detailed. Seems to have enough functions.
  • Simple and understandable for a beginner.
  • I like that it is web-based and affordable that is important to start-ups.
  • The environment could include by default an option to add comments.
  • Submitting declarations to the Tax Board is very comfortable.
  • So far, I have only prepared sales invoices and the user experience is very good.
  • A great advantage is the fact that it is free of charge – smaller companies that have less activity/turnover, are not eager to use paid services. Another advantage is that it is a local environment, where local conditions are taken into account.
  • Few options for designing invoices.
  • Free of charge at first, which is good for smaller companies; relatively simple.
  • Companies have different needs, but it works for us.
  • It can always get better. In general, it is satisfactory, and I will continue using it.