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Court Information System

The Court Information System (KIS) is a modern information management system for Estonian courts of the 1st and 2nd instance and Supreme Court offering one information system for all types of court cases. KIS enables the registration of court cases, hearings and judgments, automatic allocation of cases to judges, creation of summons, publication of judgments on the official website and collection of metadata. 

The latest generation KIS includes new classifiers based on courts’ needs, for example types of cases (e.g. litigious and non-litigious), categories of cases (e.g. bankruptcy) and subcategories (e.g. initiation of bankruptcy proceedings against legal persons). As a tool for judges, the second generation KIS represents a valuable evolution, with searches based on phases of proceedings (e.g. acceptance of a civil action, assignment of a case, pending response of the defendant), issuing of reminders, and monitoring of the length of time spent on each phase.