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State Gazette

The Electronic State Gazette is the central database and official online publication for Estonian legislation. Since 2010, all national legal acts are made public only in electronic form in Estonia. Access to the State Gazette and to all legal information services is open to and free of charge to everyone. The greatest advantage of the electronic State Gazette over the paper version is the possibility to publish whole and up to date texts of legislation.

The State Gazette offers consolidated texts, i.e. texts that are passed by the issuer of the legal instrument and contain all of the changes to the item of legislation in its current version. The consolidated texts are available in versions corresponding to any point in time, both past and present. The State Gazette also includes English translations of legal acts, public decisions of all courts, the times of court sessions and most important legal news, e.g. short summaries of new laws, information concerning draft legislation and competitions for finding judges and prosecutors. Visit the Electronic State Gazette page.