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Visualization Tool

The Visualized Business Register tool is a service developed by the Centre of Registers and Information Systems that provides an overview of the connections between the legal and natural persons registered in the Business Register. The service enables a company’s background to be investigated through valid and invalid relations, which in turn indicate earlier ownership relationships. This makes it possible to make inquiries concerning the persons related to companies. The results of the inquiries are displayed as a diagram. The service was initially created for the detection of money laundering schemes but is today available to all regular users of the e-Business Register. 

Through the Visualized Business Register enquiries can also be made from the e-Land Register, Official Announcements portal or European Business Register. The opportunity to view information from several different sources at once makes the Visualized Business Register an especially effective tool for making background checks, preventing money-laundering and fighting corruption.

See the the Visualized Business Register environment here.