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The Register of Companies and the Register of Non-Profit Organisations and Their Associations contain data on companies and associations that have not been re-registered in the register kept by the court and whose liquidation or bankruptcy proceedings have not yet been completed [see Regulation No. 323 of the Government of the Republic of 5 October 2000].

To access the information in the Register of Companies, please contact RIK at [email protected].

The register shall contain the following information:

  • companies and non-profit associations that have submitted an application for re-registration but have not yet been entered in the commercial register or the register of non-profit associations and foundations;
  • companies and non-profit-making associations appearing on the compulsory winding-up list;
  • associations whose applications for re-registration have been rejected;
  • associations to which the court has appointed liquidators, in respect of whom the court has declared bankruptcy or rejected requests for the appointment of liquidators or for the declaration of bankruptcy;
  • companies and non-profit associations that have been deleted from the company register after 1 September 1997;
  • all notices of compulsory dissolution of companies and non-profit associations published in the Supplement to the Riigi Teataja.