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Company Registration API

Company Registration API is a set of X-Road services that upon implementation enable to submit applications to the Business Register for establishing a private limited company in simplified procedure.
Establishing a private limited company in simplified procedure means most options are pre-selected for the applicant. In addition, the service includes checking the uniqueness of the company name.
A  company, bank or start-up that has implemented the aforementioned X-Road services has the possibility to create their own environment - webpage or mobile application –  and offer the service of establishing a private limited company to their clients.
Simplified procedure enables the user to fill in:

  • Company name without the abbreviation PLC
  • Address (in ADS format, ADR_ID, ADS-OID, full address)
  • Capital amount (between 2 500 – 25 000 €)
  • Persons in the entry (management board members and person competent to receive procedural documents)
  • Founder (only one natural person allowed)
  • Means of communication (e-mail and phone number are mandatory)
  • Planned principal activity

The following fields are pre-filled by default:

  • Type of company to be founded (private limited company)
  • Financial year period (1 January – 31 December)
  • Most options for articles of association (cannot be changed) 

The user cannot add:

  • Procurator
  • Auditor
  • Chairman of the supervisory board
  • Member of the supervisory board
  • Classes of shares and special rights

For more information please contact [email protected]