E-Ship Register

Estonian sea-going and inland waterway vessels (including fishing vessels), mobile watercraft, and vessels under construction are entered in the e-Ship Register. In addition to ship data, it also includes information on ownership, maritime mortgages, usufructs, and notations concerning prohibitions and other restrictions.

  • Seagoing vessels of at least 12 metres in length and flying the flag of Estonia
  • Inland vessels of at least 12 metres in length and whose owner is an Estonian resident who is a natural person or a legal person situated in Estonia 
  • As an exception, the minimum total length of sailing yachts and launches is 24 metres

Transactions with a registered vessel take effect only after it has been entered in the Ship Register and the information entered in the register has legal force.

The data can be consulted online, in the e-Ship Register, by anyone and free of charge.

The Transport Administration is responsible for the maintenance of the waterways and the technical supervision of vessels, and you can ask for printouts in addition to the Ship Register. The data in the Ship’s Registration Book can also be consulted at notary offices, and the same offices issue papers of nationality.