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The Succession Register is kept by the Chamber of Notaries and contains information on wills, succession contracts, estate management measures, succession proceedings, succession certificates, and the transfer of part of the community of the estate.

The details of the will and the succession contract entered in the register are kept secret until the succession is opened. After the death of the bequeather, the relevant data entered in the succession register will become public. Information about the reciprocal will of spouses is provided after the death of one (1) of the spouses.

The data entered in the Succession Register can be consulted at a notary’s office or on the portal of the Chamber of Notaries by knowing the given name, surname, and personal identification code of the bequeather. When contacting a notary, a notary fee must be paid before the information is issued.

In order to use the services offered in the self-service, you first have to authenticate yourself. You can then choose between the following services:

  • My wills and succession proceedings related to me – allowing to view the data of the Succession Register related to you; 
  • Bequeather search – helps to find information on wills, succession contracts, succession proceedings, successors, administrators of the estate, and the transfer and acquisition of the community of the estate related to the searched person. The content of the will document is not public and it is not displayed in the response to the query.
  • Notification of a domestic will – allowing the user to submit a notification of a domestic will that:

    - the will is prepared by yourself;
    - the person has been designated as its holder;
    - the person knows about the existence of the will.