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Members of the management board of an apartment association can download the data and lists relating to their association free of charge from the e-Land Register portal.

  • In order to obtain the data, the member of the management board of the apartment association or the manager (the management board member of a legal entity manager) must first log in to the e-Land Register as a private person.
  • Then select ‘Registered immovables related to me’ from the menu, followed by ‘Related apartment associations’.
  • In the tab that opens, you can see the apartment associations linked to the person, and by clicking on the ‘Owners’ link, you can download the list of owners of the apartment association.

Members of the management board of the apartment association can also authorise representatives of the management company to consult the list of owners. To do this, click on the ‘Authorise’ link, enter the details of the representative of the management company, and the expiry date of the mandate (the maximum duration of the mandate can be up to 12 (twelve) months). The authorisation should then be digitally signed.

After the signature, the authorised representative will receive an email notification of the authorisation received. The notification will also be sent to the email address of the apartment association indicated in the contact details in the commercial register.

All owners of registered immovables are also able to access the data of their registered immovables free of charge on the e-Land Register website. To do this, you need to select ‘Registered immovables related to me’ from the e-Land Register menu and log in as a private individual. An owner of a registered immovable who has logged in as a citizen can, in addition to the data of their own registered immovable, also access the register information of other apartment ownerships in the same apartment association free of charge, for which they must use the regular search function.