The Centre of Registers and Information Systems is an IT development center of the Ministry of Justice, which deals with large-scale digital projects to simplify the Estonian justice and business environment.

In our daily work with our 280-member team, we are committed to the fact that the digital solutions we create are most importantly human-centered, smart, and set an example in the world.

We are the first IT agency in Estonia, established in 1994. Today, we operate as an IT development center, which has all the necessary development capabilities, but in the case of larger or faster projects, we also involve external partners through procurement.

The structure of RIK

Strategic objectives

  1. End user satisfaction >90%
  2. Effective development service that ensures customer satisfaction >90%
  3. Development of the organization

The most well-known services we have developed 

  • E-Business Register
  • E-Land Register
  • E-Financials
  • E-File
  • E-Notary
  • Criminal Records Database
  • Court Information System
  • Prosecutor's Information System
  • Prisoners' register
  • + approx. 70 other services

In addition to systems, we also develop and manage websites, offer collaborative work environments, and serve other institutions outside the justice administration area as much as possible.

We value 

  • People
  • Work and family life balance
  • Employee development
  • Positive atmosphere at work
  • Employee health and wellbeing