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The e-Business register portal has a new statistics view from this week summarizing information, which includes an overview of established companies, fields of activity, deletions from the register, and the submission of annual reports over the years.

It is still possible to issue authorisations for entering and submitting annual reports in the annual report submission portal of the e-Business Register, through which the report is sent to the Business Register.

In cooperation with the Ministry of Justice, the Center for Registers and Information Systems has completed a new online platform for delivering documents to people. Viewing documents is now more convenient, while delivery is cheaper and more efficient for the state.

The Ministry of Justice sent a draft regulation for review and approval, with a purpose to cancel the fees for making inquiries from the e-Business Register. The aim of this is to increase transparency in the business sector and to encourage the development of new, data-driven services…

E-resident Dominik Panosch proved that the fastest way to create a company is to use Estonian e-services and establish your company in Estonia. He broke the world record by creating his own start-up company on the 13th of June at London Tech Week.