E-File is the digital gateway to judicial and criminal proceedings.

Through the e-File portal, a person can participate electronically in civil, administrative, criminal, and misdemeanour proceedings, and monitor deadlines and the progress of proceedings concerning them. For example, a single parent may, without going to the courthouse, apply for maintenance for their child, submit an application for recovery of a debt from the debtor, or file for bankruptcy to declare bankruptcy. Citizens or their representatives will also be able to contest claims and decisions, and to pay financial obligations related to a debtor (themselves, their children, a guardian, a person they represent or a company) from 2018 onwards, with the exception of speeding fines and speed camera fines.

In e-File, you can submit documents to the court, the police, and the public prosecutor’s office, and send applications to enforcement agents to start enforcement proceedings. E-File also allows you to find out about the proceedings initiated and to consult the documents sent, and to use the digital file for processing documents.

In e-File, you can also query the criminal records of yourself and others, including queries to check restrictions on working with children. In the latter case, to obtain an official document, you have to fill in an application form and send it directly to the Criminal Records Database. More detailed information here (Criminal Record Database service subpage).

E-File can only be used by logging in with an ID-card, Mobile-ID or Smart-ID.