The e-Business Register is the official national portal containing the details of all legal persons registered in Estonia in a single environment. In addition, information on companies in other countries can be accessed via the European Business Register.

In the e-Business Register Portal, you can see the legal persons related to you, you can change the data, submit applications and documents and annual reports to the register (applications and reports can only be signed with an Estonian ID-card, Smart-ID, and Mobile-ID). If desired, start-ups and small entrepreneurs can use the accounting software of the e-Financials.

In addition, it is possible to access business and enterprise bans, lists of members of political parties and creative associations, beneficial owners of legal entities and tax information in the e-Business Register Portal.

Entries in the commercial register and submitted applications are processed by the Registration Department of Tartu County Court (registrar), the portal is developed and managed by RIK.

The e-Business Register contains:

  • information on companies;
  • data on non-profit organisations* and foundations;
  • information on public authorities;
  • data on the commercial pledge register;
  • procedural information and entry changes;
  • tax debt information;
  • data on political parties and their members;
  • bans on business and entrepreneurship of Estonian persons;
  • data on creative associations and their members;
  • data visualization tools.

* There is a fee for viewing the documents of the public file of non-profit organisations (public file document EUR two (2)). Other data in the e-Business Register can be accessed free of charge.

The portal is a quick and convenient way to register: 

  • a new company; 
  • a sole proprietor; 
  • a non-profit association; and 
  • a national or local authority.

The prerequisite for electronic establishment is that all related persons can sign the application prepared on the portal digitally using the Estonian authentication tool: ID-card (including e-residency card), Smart-ID or Mobile-ID.

Before establishing the association, a business name can also be booked on the portal if requested. A natural or legal person can reserve a business name for up to six (6) months and one (1) person can have one (1) business name reservation at a time.