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Open requisite information autocomplete service settings

The service is intended for users who need to query the e-Business Register in large numbers. In order to use the XML service, it is first necessary to conclude a contract with RIK.

Once the contract is signed, the XML service must be integrated with your database.

More detailed descriptions on how to deploy the XML services are available on the open data website.

Requisite information autocomplete service

RIK issues requisite information details (free of charge) that are necessary for filling in the appendix to the value added tax return specified in subsection 27 (1) of the Value-Added Tax Act.

The requisite XML is a service open to the public that does not require the conclusion of a contract for the use of query systems. Autocomplete, or automatic completion of business names, returns a valid list of business names and registry codes corresponding to the characters entered.

Description of the service functionality