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The Immovables Portal is a web-based application and document submission environment for anyone who needs to submit registration applications to the land registry department and does not need to include a notarised deed of disposition. In the latter case, the registration application is drawn up and submitted to the land registry department by a notary.

In addition to filing registration applications, users of the portal will be able to draft and submit appeals against orders on entry, grant the necessary consents for entries in the Land Register, authorise the filing of registration applications, and monitor the procedural information of submitted applications in real time.

The portal is intended for:

  • for individuals;
  • for entrepreneurs, bank representatives, lawyers;
  • for employees of public authorities;
  • for local government employees;
  • for enforcement agents, trustees in bankruptcy, etc.

In the Immovables Portal you can:

  • submit registration applications (instructions on how to apply);
  • submit mortgage deletion applications(instructions on how to delete mortgage);
  • amend and withdraw applications and submit supporting documents;
  • give the necessary consents to the entry;
  • authorise the submission of a registration application;
  • follow the procedure information of the registration application in real time;
  • submit appeals against court ruling;
  • pay a state fee (instructions on how to pay state fees);
  • access notices about the registered immovable in one (1) place.

As a general rule, the land registry department will examine the registration application within one (1) month of its submission. The exception is for first-time registration; the corresponding registration application will be reviewed within three (3) months.