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Sending e-invoices


As of 1 July 2019, invoices to the public sector can only be sent in the form of e-invoices.

Using the e-Financials to send invoices to the public sector is free of charge, provided that the e-Financials has been used to prepare and send digital invoices to state authorities and no other entries have been made. When sending e-invoices only, no management fee will apply in the e-Financials environment either.

In the e-Financials, it is possible to send e-invoices to the public sector free of charge, in an unlimited amount and for an unlimited period. The environment is interfaced with operators operating in Estonia and e-invoices can be sent to the clients of all e-invoice operators.

In order to use the e-Financials you must first conclude a contract in the same environment. The members of the management board of a public limited company, private limited company, commercial association, limited partnership, general partnership, non-profit association, foundation or European company, as well as self-employed persons can conclude a contract.

Leaflet on the topic of e-invoices and contact details of the representative 

If you need any help with the e-Financials, please contact technical helpdesk of the software (9:00–17:00 on working days):
tel: +372 6636374; email: [email protected]