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E-Notary is an electronic environment that assists notaries in their daily work and enables electronic communication between notaries and the state. In the e-environment for notaries, users will be able to do everything they need to do their job, as well as query data from 16 (sixteen) different registers, such as: Marital Property Register, Official Announcements, Estonian Central Register of Securities, State Register of Construction Works, Land Register, Traffic Register, Land Cadastre, Succession Register, Population Register, Recreational Craft Register, Business Register.


The e-Notary solution can be used by notaries and notary office staff (notary substitutes, lawyers, secretaries, registrars, and archivists). However, the accompanying self-service portal, which allows remote authentication to participate in a notary transaction virtually, can be used by everyone if the notary thinks the operation is possible by remote authentication.

By agreement with a notary, it is possible to perform operations by remote authentication in a place convenient for the customer (e.g. at home) or at five (5) foreign representations of Estonia: Helsinki, Stockholm, Brussels, Riga, and London, and in this way all notarial acts can be performed, except for the confirmation of the conclusion of marriage and divorce.

The e-Notary allows to:

  • keep the notary’s diary and users’ personal calendar;
  • make reliable queries of national registers;
  • draw up contracts and sign them digitally;
  • record professional activities (professional activities and services);
  • deposit funds (deposits);
  • issue apostilles;
  • draw up invoices and payment orders for state fees;
  • transmit entries to national registers;
  • make it easier for the customer to deal with the notary – unlike before, the customer no longer has to submit a large number of paper documents to the notary;
  • allow the notary to have access to the necessary information and documents;
  • minimise duplication, paperwork and printing for both notaries and registrars.

The Chamber of Notaries is the owner of the established e-service and the Centre of Registers and Information Systems develops it, manages the servers, provides user support, and trains users.

More information: [email protected]